Episode 170 (Season 3, Episode 12) – Wired for Expireds

Episode 170 (Season 3, Episode 12)

Wired for Expireds

As Season 3 expires, we focus on the same—those listings that passed their expiration date. But, unlike expired milk, we feel that you should “drink in the opportunity” to tread where many agents fear. If you’re willing to give it a shot, we’ll reveal tricks and methods that have made us multi-billionaires! All from expireds! (That’s a lie.)

Join the Terry, Todd, Megan and Producer Christian as they divulge tools and tricks that show you how to turn someone else’s epic failures into your epic treasures! Along the journey, we’ll take a few “rest stops” to talk about ice baths, social etiquette, Terry’s failures, and our latest sponsor who is probably too good for you! Enjoy “Wired for Expireds”!


  • Have you ever done an ice bath? [2:28]
  • Do you know what TEMS (not STEM) is? [3:58]
  • Do you tell people about food in their teeth? [6:15]
  • It’s all about the systems! [8:30]
  • Todd reveals ways to approach expired listings [10:01]
  • Our legal department are a bunch of stiffs! [11:59]
  • Megan shows the best way to address expireds [14:43]
  • How to find expired listings [16:44]
  • Terry never landed former Colts player, Dwight Freeney’s home. And for that, we are ashamed [19:55]
  • Producer Christian’s Anti-Tech Tip [21:35]
  • Quick tip from Megan:  Mix it up! [24:28]
  • Sponsor of the Poddie:  cavioca.com [26:47]
  • Quick tip from Todd:  Three Ps – Patient, Personal, and Persistent [28:58]



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