Episode 171 (Season 3, Episode 13) – Now What…

Episode 171 (Season 3, Episode 13)

Now What…

As we bring the season to an end, the Boom Team asks you a very simple question:  Now that you have received the greatest direction ever in bringing in tons of leads to grow your business to the greatest real estate business that has ever to be seen by mankind and are exploring all the different ways to spend your oodles and oodles of money that will be flowing through your multitude of accounts all while singing the praises of your mentors and educators in the Boom Team, what’s the next step?  (No spoilers here, you’re going to have to listen to find out.)

Join Terry, Producer Christian, Megan, and Todd as they put a bow on Lead Generation, as well as explore whether to support a sponsor selling gently used body parts. You’ll find all that—and more—here in this edition of the Boom Real Estate Podcast!


  • Have you ever been able to do the splits? [1:38]
  • Can the Boom Team rap? [3:54]
  • Todd has finally decided to take life seriously [4:23]
  • Megan’s first tears of the day [5:41]
  • Can you go “off the wall”? [8:51]
  • The benefits of Climate Change [9:26]
  • Step 1:  Make some decisions [12:08]
  • Step 2:  Make a plan [13:13]
  • Step 3:  Find someone else to execute your plan [15:03]
  • Sponsor of the Poddie:  Morty’s Pick-a-Part for Morticians [16:16]
  • Step 5:  Commit…..for awhile [18:19]
  • Step 6:  Master it [19:43]
  • Step 7:  Improve [21:07]
  • Split screen for our YouTube viewers so Todd and Megan can kiss [21:24]
  • Final Step:  Reap your rewards! [22:18]
  • And yes, I know that we skipped a step. You’ll have to go find it!



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