Episode 172 (Season 3, Episode 14) – Season 3 Wrap Up

Episode 172 (Season 3, Episode 14)

Season 3 Wrap Up

“That’s it!” “We’re done.” “Call it a night!” “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”

Sadly, Season 3 has come to an end, but our memories live on. Join us as we recap our favorite moments from Season 3 and reminisce about this past season. BONUS: We do the episode outside—from Producer Christian’s back patio. Can’t get more “end-y” that that! (We have no idea what “end-y” means.)

Thanks for joining us for another exciting season! We’ll start rocking Season 4 soon, but in the mean time, connect with us and keep the conversation rolling!


  • Podcasting from the back patio of Podcast Command Studio Central [1:21]
  • We’ve listened to our audience [3:52]
  • Oh no, the wheels just fell off! [4:22]
  • Get a million leads or your money back! [05:23]
  • We’ve engaged in lots of shenanigans this season [7:20]
  • We recap Season 3 sponsors [8:10]
  • What to expect next [10:14]



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