Episode 178 (Season 3.5, Episode 6) – Introducing Season 3.5 – “Quarantine Edition”

Episode 178 (Season 3.5, Episode 6)

Introducing Season 3.5 – “Quarantine Edition”

The Boom Team is back and ready to rock a quick Covid-19-related special season! We’re going outside of our normal plan to bring you special information on how to run your business during the pandemic. Specifically, we talk about how to make most of your real estate career while social distancing.

Of course, since we have paid no attention to how seasons should be titled or outlined, we’re calling this Season 3.5. Don’t question it. Just go with it!

In this intro episode, Todd, Christian, Megan, and Terry outline just what they plan on chatting about in Season 3.5. In addition, we give you a few market predictions for the coming months. Tune in, listen, and create your own strategies. (I mean, what else do you have to do right now?) Stay healthy out there, people!


  • How’s your Brady Bunch knowledge?? [1:47]
  • The game plan for Season 3.5 [4:49]
  • We have a playbook for you during quarantine [6:42]
  • We believe your 2020 goals are still within reach! [8:17]
  • No matter what happens and whenever you listen, know that we’re right! [9:12]
  • The Boom Market Outlook [9:38]
  • Megan’s expectations [12:29]
  • Todd goes way too deep into a bursting dam analogy [13:31]
  • Use this time to improve your systems and prep for the bounce back [14:04]
  • Update on Christian’s Producing market [16:03]



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