Episode 180 (Season 3.5, Episode 8) – Work From Home Hacks PART 2

Episode 180 (Season 3.5, Episode 8)

Working from Home Hacks, PART 2

You’re starting to get situated at home and you’ve learned from the challenge we posed in our previous episode to create a dedicated space in your home purely for work.

Now, we know what you’re asking. “But Boom Team, how do I make this dedicated space work for me?” We’re so glad you asked!

But before we answer that question, we’ll ask you a question: Savory or Sweet?

Join the team as they ask and answer all of your most pressing questions. In addition, we throw down a few challenges. Make the best of this quarantine by listening to mini-Season 3.5!


  • Have you received your Terry mask? [1:24]
  • “You can’t lose the game in the first quarter!” [3:11]
  • What personal hygiene are you giving up on during quarantine? [3:33]
  • Todd’s question of the day:  Savory or sweet? [6:18]
  • Tip:  Put your trainings on video and make them “evergreen” [7:49]
  • Hack #2:  Make your space clean, clutter free, and happy! [9:00]
  • What would make you happy to work from home? [10:15]
  • Terry throws down a challenge! [11:18]



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