Episode 184 (Season 3.5, Episode 12) – 4.5 Tips for Staycation Sanity

Episode 184 (Season 3.5, Episode 12)

4.5 Tips for Staycation Sanity

One of the ways to convince yourself that what’s happening now is a good thing is to call it a “Staycation”. Also, one of the ways to lack productivity is to call what’s happening now a “Staycation”. Given that, we’re not sure if this title is a good thing, but let’s pretend and just go with it!

The Boom Team has thrown caution into the wind and has assembled* to give you “4 Quick-Fire Tips” that will help you make the best of this “Staycation”. Join them and put on your best announcer ears so you don’t miss a beat!

*NOTE:  The Boom Team did NOT physically get together in the same room to record this episode, except for Todd and Megan. They have been together for quite some time and remain virus free!


  • The Team shares their own “announcer voices” [1:18]
  • Christian and Terry swap roles [2:49]
  • What are your April Fool’s Day plans? [5:31]
  • Tip #1 – Guard your mind! [6:27]
  • Tip #2 – Stay optimistic! [7:31]
  • Tip #3 – Exercise [8:34]
  • Tip #4 – Connect and reach out [9:11]
  • Terry’s half-tip 4.5 – Spend more time with your loved ones! [10:38]



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