Episode 185 (Season 3.5, Episode 13) – 5 Financial Tips for Quarantine

Episode 185 (Season 3.5, Episode 13)

5 Financial Tips for Quarantine

The Quarantine Season rolls on and what better item for the Boom Team to talk about but how to spend your money! Besides the general most important tip of sending the Boom Team all your money, they also give some less important tips that may not be as beneficial. However, these tips are probably something you should hear anyway.

In this special episode, the Team will dive into 5 tips to help you control your finances during these unusual times.

In addition, they invite you to come live with them in Producer Christian’s basement. Depending on how many listeners take us up on this, space may get tight. But…oh the fun we’ll have! Join us on this episode and in Producer Christian’s home, too!


  • The Boom Team has a direct line to the people in charge of the quarantine [2:12]
  • The Team is locked in Producer Christian’s basement [3:02]
  • Only Boom subscriber perk:  We’ll let you know when the next virus will be dropped [4:46]
  • Tip #1:  Open a Bed and Breakfast [5:23]
  • Actual Tip #1: Get a good baseline [7:01]
  • Tip #2:  Have 3-6 months reserves [7:52]
  • Tip #3:  Trim the Fat [9:35]
  • Tip #4:  Shift your Lead Gen [10:47]
  • Tip #5:  Consider investing [12:09]
  • Connect with us at boombedandbreakfast.travel [13:25]



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