Episode 186 (Season 3.5, Episode 14) – Virtual Tools To Use Right Now

Episode 186 (Season 3.5, Episode 14)

Virtual Tools To Use Right Now

We’re guessing by the time that you’ve listened to this, you’ve already learned a few virtual options that are out there. But are you using those in the best ways possible? Are you applying virtual tools to better show and sell homes during these unusual times?

We’ll break down all the options before, during, and after the transaction so you can start creating better practices on working virtually. And, you’ll never, ever, ever, ever, ever have to be physically near any of your clients ever, ever, again!



  • Todd tries to report from the Boom Chopper [2:19]
  • Christian applies the sexy filter [3:32]
  • What are some virtual options for selling/showing homes? [6:07]
  • What about virtual consultations and appointments? [8:12]
  • Best practices for brokerages who now need to work remotely/virtually [9:40]
  • Todd’s back in the Boom Chopper again! [10:53]
  • How to handle closings right now [11:50]
  • Megan’s overarching business goal:  Work this job from the beach! [14:25]
  • Todd has switched over to the Boom Hot Air Balloon! [15:53]





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