Episode 187 (Season 3.5, Episode 15) – Your Right Now Action Plan PART 1

Episode 187 (Season 3.5, Episode 15)

Your Right Now Action Plan, PART 1

You’ve finally come around to the idea that this “social distancing” thing wasn’t an April Fools joke. So now you ask, what the heck do I do to better my business? Fortunately, you’ve turned off “Tiger King” and come to the right people for the right answers!

Join The Boom Team as they walk you through the first half of a two-parter to share an Action Plan that will help you maintain your production throughout the pandemic. Give it a listen and kick this coronavirus right in the butt!



  • Will there be more babies or divorces that come from this?! [1:31]
  • The Right Now Action Plan! [3:03]
  • Become a leader for your current clients [4:19]
  • Get in touch with potential clients with virtual options [5:10]
  • Don’t stop your lead generation! [7:24]
  • Share financing and loan assistance options [9:34]
  • Look to work “dead leads” [11:02]





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