Episode 188 (Season 3.5, Episode 16) – Your Right Now Action Plan PART 2

Episode 188 (Season 3.5, Episode 16)

Your Right Now Action Plan, PART 2

The Boom Team has decided to put down their cup of Baked Potato Soup, half Turkey Club, and iced tea, and is ready to continue the chat about what the heck you should be doing right now!

It’s time to get into action and take advantage of the moment. You’ve heard all the advice from the Team, so why not get started with implementing it! Terry, Producer Christian, Megan, and Todd put a bow on this season by wrapping up your “Right Now” Action Plan and sharing some final thoughts on this half season.

Hope you’ve enjoyed Season 3.5 as much as The Boom Team had fun making it! Now, time to change out of those sweatpants and get started implementing what you’ve learned!



  • Terry thanks you for joining us for lunch [1:02]
  • Todd and Megan’s closet is getting a “little stenchy” [1:41]
  • “Reverse the Curve!” [2:12]
  • How do you do a half-and-half lunch? [3:36]
  • Todd and Megan’s mini-fridge is stocked and ready to rock! [6:39]
  • Do you know your brand? [7:04]
  • Is this a good time to recruit? [8:42]
  • Use this time to work on those pesky, persistent projects of yours [11:22]
  • It’s time to get yourself educated! [12:18]
  • Megan’s final thought [14:29]
  • Todd’s final thought [14:56]
  • Producer Christian’s final thought [15:53]
  • Terry’s final thought [17:15]





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