Episode 189 (Season 3.6, Episode 1) – Interview With Social Media Expert Chelsea Peitz

Episode 189 (Season 3.6, Episode 1)

Interview with Social Media Expert Chelsea Peitz

The Boom Team takes a break from sharing their own “expertise” and decides to let you take advice from an actual expert! Join Todd, Megan, Terry, and Producer Christian as they spend 30 minutes with social media guru, Chelsea Peitz!

Not only can she say that she’s been on the Boom Real Estate Podcast—which we’re sure will be at the top of her resume—but she’s the National Director of Social Sales for Fidelity National Financial Brand of Companies. In addition, she hosts “The Voice of Social Sales” podcast, and she’s a two-time author of best selling books! We’ll cover it all—from your favorite ranch dressing to using Instagram Stories more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!



  • How long can you go in “lockdown”? [1:48]
  • Todd is today’s leper [3:25]
  • Chelsea’s pillows come with phrases [5:27]
  • Official introduction of Chelsea Peitz! [6:12]
  • “Continue to show up” [9:17]
  • “Triple down on Stories!” [12:01]
  • Chelsea’s goal is to just be herself [15:39]
  • Megan livestreams her sleep every night [19:50]
  • Tip: Make sure to comment on other people’s posts [21:56]
  • “Commenting over contenting” [23:46]
  • 10x10x10 Strategy [24:22]
  • Are you watching other people’s stories? [27:31]
  • Chelsea recommends 90 Day Fiancé for all your binging needs [29:02]





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