Episode 190 – Season 3.6, Episode 2 – RE TV Founder Colin Cameron

Episode 190 (Season 3.6, Episode 2)

Interview with RE TV Founder, Colin Cameron

This dude has done so much in his real estate career already. But, in his words, he’s just reached his personal pinnacle of success—being interviewed on the Boom Real Estate Podcast!

Okay, maybe those were our words, but either way, we still had a great time with Colin. We also happened to pick up some dynamite ideas during our virtual sit-down.

Colin Cameron is both the founder of “Small Town Agents” and “RE TV”. Get your popcorn…we’re about to have some fun!



  • Jack Jack, Producer Christian’s 9-pound dog, makes a much-needed appearance [1:23]
  • The Boom Team is ready for Elon Musk’s “Speed Tubes” [2:35]
  • We welcome Colin Cameron to the show! [3:41]
  • Colin talks about how his market is reacting to post-quarantine [6:13]
  • Colin’s advice is to build your business on creating content that’s unselfish [9:08]
  • “Nobody wants a negative Nelly, especially on Facebook” [10:38]
  • One error he’s seeing:  chasing short term business. [14:14]
  • Start building a brand to escape the trap of being known as an individual [17:11]
  • Todd promotes his new venture [19:15]
  • Just be yourself! [22:48]
  • Terry promotes his new venture [24:35]





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