Episode 191 (Season 4, Episode 1) – Season 4 Launch

Episode 191 (Season 4, Episode 1)

Season 4 Launch!

THEY’RE BAAACK! Terry Waggoner, Megan Ferris, Todd Ferris, and Producer Christian are better than ever! They’re well rested from plenty of Covid-19 sleep-ins, have completed their vocal warmups, and are ready to welcome you to the 4th Season (and 191st episode!) of The Boom Podcast!

Join the fun as they discuss Todd’s dirty habits and the Greatest Jingle Ever Made (at least by Producer Christian, anyway). In addition, they cover the more pressing question of what makes a band regional, national, international, or terrible.

All of this and we’re just kicking off Season 4! Make sure your AirPods are charged, your drink is wet, and you’re ready. We promise fun, lessons, and plenty of shenanigans, as the Team is raring to go! It’s good to be back!



  • Straight to germ talk! [1:47]
  • Todd has the sneezes [2:41]
  • Eww—Todd and Megan sneeze on each other! [4:22]
  • It’s the World Premiere of the Season 4 Jingle! [7:00]
  • The big reveal of Season 4’s topic [8:52]
  • “Virtual” doesn’t mean you only work at home [10:57]
  • Megan breaks down Season 4 for you [12:05]
  • Terry asks the age-old question:  what makes a National Band?! [13:22]
  • Todd is dumb [14:04]
  • One more rendition of the greatest jingle ever! [15:30]





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