Episode 192 – Season 4, Episode 2 – Advantages of Working Virtually

Episode 192 (Season 4, Episode 2)

Advantages of Working Virtually

Heavy on pomp but light on circumstance, the Boom Team is ready to rock the first full-length episode of Season 4! Let the fun begin!

We do a quick overview of the 7 advantages of working virtually. Of course, it wouldn’t really be a Boom episode if there weren’t some tangents and shenanigans. Shenanigans like Terry powering through another injury (this time, soap-related). Todd sharing his new segment that may or may not be awesome. Megan still clinging to hope that listeners won’t think she hates babies. And Producer Christian contemplating new jingles. It’s all here as we power up Season 4 of The Boom Real Estate podcast!



  • Do you cartoon? [2:57]
  • Terry is soldiering on through another podcast-prepping injury [5:16]
  • Advantage #1 – More time [8:06]
  • “Don’t calculate how much money you’re losing by listening to this podcast!” – Terry Waggoner [10:25]
  • Advantage #2 – More flexibility [10:48]
  • Not Christian’s best jingle [12:43]
  • Advantage #3 – More freedom [13:19]
  • Todd’s new segment: “Aren’t you glad you’re not a…..” [16:20]
  • Do you have a foot fetish?! [21:15]
  • Advantage #4 – Lower costs [22:05]
  • Advantage #5 – No borders [23:10]
  • Advantage #6 – Implied innovation [23:55]
  • Advantage #7 – Better recruitment potential [24:24]





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