Episode 193 – (Season 4, Episode 3) – Challenges of Working Virtually

Episode 193 (Season 4, Episode 3)

Challenges of Working Virtually

Hard to believe, but there may actually be challenges when attempting to work your business virtually. Fortunately for you, we run a brokerage that’s been operating virtually for years and we’ve traveled this path before!

Join Christian, Todd, Terry, and Megan as they let the cat out of the bag on the issues that you WILL encounter when working virtually.  But we also give you quick solutions that WILL help you overcome those issues.

Then, to wrap it all up in a pretty bow, we ask the age-old question, how do you take your fries? Try to help us get the cat back in the bag as Season 4 rolls on!



  • Todd starts the show with a pop quiz [2:45]
  • The shampoo incident is revisited [5:03]
  • Learn from our already beaten, virtual path [7:07]
  • Challenge #1:  Supplies [7:54]
  • How’s your laminator game?! [8:59]
  • Christian’s Tech Tip [10:42]
  • Terry’s Tech Tip [12:50]
  • Challenge #2:  Training [15:26]
  • Aren’t You Glad You’re Not A……Server [17:47]
  • How do you eat your fries? [20:33]
  • Todd shares his glory story from Outback Steakhouse [21:49]
  • Challenge #3:  Communication [23:43]
  • Challenge #4:  Production [25:52]
  • Tricky wicket vs. Sticky Wicket [26:50]
  • Challenge #5:  Culture [27:00]
  • Challenge #6:  Retention [28:23]





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