Episode 194 – (Season 4, Episode 4) – Building A Virtual-Friendly Foundation

Episode 194 (Season 4, Episode 4)

Building a Virtual-Friendly Foundation

It all starts with a solid foundation, even in the virtual world! With that, we’re going to start from the bottom and build our way up!

Join Todd, Megan, Producer Christian, and Terry as they give you a handful of tips to start building your virtual business. As a bonus, there are a few tips for boxing, too.  (Let’s be honest—we’re getting a little stir crazy and looking to go bare-knuckle podcasting soon. Prep yourself, as it’s getting a little nutty in the podcast studio!)

So, put in your mouthguard and get ready to fight to create your best virtual foundation! Ding-ding-ding! (That was our sound of a bell. Amazing, huh?)



  • Have you heard of Chess Boxing? [1:31]
  • Megan shares her glory stories of fights and beating up Todd [4:38]
  • Todd would love to fight, but doesn’t want to hurt someone [6:48]
  • Tip #1 – Have a dedicated space for work! [9:23]
  • Tip #2 – Have an office in a bag [11:02]
  • Christian’s Boxing Tips:  “Duck!” [11:47]
  • Tip #3 – Invest in your tools! [13:24]
  • You can scan using your iPhone Notes app [16:10]
  • Tip #4 – Have good systems in place and automate!! [16:49]
  • We’re looking for a listener to donate a Boom RV [18:50]
  • Aren’t you glad you’re not a…teacher! [19:35]
  • Todd reminisces about breaking up fights back in his teaching days [23:02]
  • Tip #5 – Have a plan! [25:33]
  • Tip #6 – Have a great, positive attitude! [27:13]
  • The Team calls out their “Negative Nelly” [29:16]
  • Garbage in, garbage out [30:08]





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