Episode 195 – (Season 4, Episode 5) – Communication from Anywhere

Episode 195 (Season 4, Episode 5)

Communication from Anywhere

Communication is key to any relationship—especially virtual ones. Whether it’s between you and your staff, you and your clients, or you and your agents, you just HAVE to communicate effectively. If not, those around you start to get “wandering eyes”, which is bad for long- term business.

(Wow! That was about the longest we’ve been able to go with a serious grouping of sentences! Enough of that!)

Along with a focus on communication, in this episode we embolden you to make up words that have already been made up—as Todd and Megan do. We also give CPR to a dead person.

When we finally make it over to serious content later in the episode, you can listen to the Boom’s five “Lightning Round” tips on how to do this whole communication thing right! Enjoy all this—and more—on the latest version of the Boom Real Estate Podcast!



  • Todd makes up a word that already exists [1:58]
  • Feel free to use our Season 4 jingle for Max Day [4:56]
  • Megan makes up a word that also already exists [6:33]
  • One easy step into the virtual world are virtual meetings [9:03]
  • Avatar and Twilight are inspirational movies to the Boom Team [10:11]
  • The key is to over-communicate [12:54]
  • Webster makes up a word, but this one sticks [15:16]
  • Use video messaging! [16:05]
  • Be creative and use things like Trivia Nights, Movie Nights, etc. [19:15]
  • Brokerages and teams need to stay in touch with their agents too (outside of meetings) [22:09]
  • Managers and team leaders, make sure you’re checking in on your agents regularly [23:41]
  • A must for the virtual world:  Online Transaction Management Software! [25:46]
  • Game changer tip for a virtual team/brokerage:  “Slack” [26:30]
  • Lightning tip #1 – Do it often [28:43]
  • Lightning tip #2 – Be available [28:59]
  • Lightning tip #3 – Set expectations [29:47]
  • Aren’t You Glad You’re Not An……EMT [31:11]
  • Have you ever been punched by a dead man? [32:57]
  • Lightning tip #4 – Pre-create and pre-send [33:21]
  • Lightning tip #5 – Get creative [33:48]





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