Episode 196 – (Season 4, Episode 6) – Train the Virtual Brain

Episode 196 (Season 4, Episode 6)

Train the Virtual Brain

One of the most frequent questions that we get from agents when considering making a move to an all-virtual operation is…”Where will we get our training?” The Boom Team tackles the options available to agents and brokerages when considering a virtual brokerage model.

In this episode, we dive into training options for both agents and brokerages. As a tangent, Todd will discuss one of the ickiest things ever shared on the podcast, but not before showing his complete lack of knowledge, (and Terry’s amazing love), of musicals.

Let’s be honest, The Team will spend more time talking musicals than real estate on this one. Just a heads up!



  • Todd’s Sound of Music knowledge is embarrassing [1:48]
  • Terry removes any thoughts of Todd watching The Sound of Music [4:00]
  • The next best/worst Christmas movie:  White Christmas [6:01]
  • Next review:  Hamilton [6:44]
  • Todd’s spent 9 hours of his life watching West Side Story [8:15]
  • Terry’s new podcast: Terry on Musicals [9:03]
  • Next up, movies about musicals [10:28]
  • Christian harbors some grievances against Todd and his sneezing [13:38]
  • Options for your meetings [14:58]
  • Don’t forget about options outside of your team/brokerage [17:35]
  • Special incentive for Todd’s agents, a Blockbuster gift card [20:22]
  • Aren’t you glad you’re not a…..dentist [21:03]
  • The worst sounder ever used on Boom [22:30]
  • What’s your vote: Licking the cat or chewing on fallen hair? [25:15]
  • Broker options for trainings [27:30]
  • George is a real spit-fire! [28:43]
  • Brokers, don’t be afraid to cross company lines! [29:24]





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