Episode 197 – (Season 4, Episode 7) – Virtual Accountability

Episode 197 (Season 4, Episode 7)

Virtual Accountability

The Boom Train has officially derailed! They’ve even reached the point in Season 4 of taking a vote on whether or not to finish out the season. (Spoiler Alert:  the season will go on!)

However, in the words of Hugh Jackman: “My dear friends, Terry, Megan, Christian, and Todd, don’t give up on Season 4 yet, especially Episode 7, as I know it will be your best! The show will go on. By the way, I’ll see you at Red Lobster.” With that, we power through the madness and finish strong!

Join The Team as they talk about one of the hardest parts of working virtually—staying accountable to yourself and others. Whether you’re an agent, team leader, or broker, we’ll help hold you accountable to learn the things you need to keep both yourself and others accountable to reach your goals!



  • The Team takes a vote on whether or not to continue on [1:28]
  • Todd finds a silver lining in his record setting lung capacity [2:33]
  • Public intoxication:  Bad by law, but okay by Boom? [4:03]
  • Megan just purchased her 1,000th domain! [7:34]
  • Todd and Megan share that they have an actual “Death Plan” [9:44]
  • And…actual content starts [12:55]
  • Internal accountability for agents is a must! [14:30]
  • Agents should rely on external accountability as well [15:21]
  • Megan confesses that she gets rid of Todd with puzzles [18:42]
  • Terry says that Hugh Jackman says that Wentworth Puzzles are great [19:34]
  • Aren’t you glad you’re not a…hairstylist [20:28]
  • Virtual staff accountability [23:43]
  • Terry considers the possibility of just hiring people you can trust [25:41]
  • Teams and brokerages need to be held accountable too [27:31]
  • The Boom Goal:  land Hugh Jackman as a guest! [29:04]
  • Christian’s Tech Tip [29:29]
  • The Team votes to continue Season 4 [30:38]





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