Episode 199 – (Season 4, Episode 9) – Remote Recruiting Gone Wild!

Episode 199 (Season 4, Episode 9)

Remote Recruiting Gone Wild

Season 4 rolls on with The Boom Team taking a moment to talk about recruiting like-minded agents to your team. But…how do we do it virtually?

Of course, as is the case most of the time, the Boom Team also takes several tangents to discuss important issues. Some of the weighty subjects we cover are:  1) What is Producer Christian wearing, 2) The value, (or lack thereof), of Silly Putty, and 3) Predictions on what might be coming our way…if we were making those predictions in the past.

Does your mind hurt a little just thinking about it? Ours too! In any event, all of this happens—and more—on Episode 199!



  • Todd and Producer Christian talk fashion [2:03]
  • Todd and Producer Christian talk golf [3:32]
  • Megan is the “Queen of Recruiting” [5:31]
  • Megan has no idea why she referenced silly putty [7:46]
  • Producer Christian’s Tech Tip [8:53]
  • Terry is multi-tasking and Producer Christian calls him out! [11:35]
  • Consider using Zoom and Webinars for recruiting purposes [12:50]
  • Aren’t you glad you’re not a…pizza delivery guy [14:03]
  • Terry’s getting hungry [19:41]
  • Tools you should be using for recruiting [20:12]
  • Todd does his best to predict what will be coming in 2020 [21:22]
  • Terry predicts the value of podcasts 200 years ahead! [22:45]
  • Check your reviews! [23:56]





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