Episode 200 – (Season 4, Episode 10) – Retain Remotely

Episode 200 (Season 4, Episode 10)

Retain Remotely

Believe it or not, it’s EPISODE 200 of the Boom Real Estate Podcast. Can you believe we made it? For 200 episodes, we’ve delivered laughs, tears, and the most mediocre real estate content money can buy. (It’s a free podcast—you get what you pay for.)

To celebrate Number 200, we do absolutely nothing special. But we DO continue to deliver content about how to rock your real estate business virtually. In this one, we talk about how to RETAIN the great clients you worked so hard to gain. On the brokerage level, we touch on retaining agents and team members, despite NOT having an in-person office presence. It CAN be done, so let us show you how in this episode! (Plus we talk geese, dead sharks, and cougars!)

Cheers to #200!



  • Is this Episode 200?? [0:00]
  • Christian is pumped [1:34]
  • We’re an old married couple at this point [2:31]
  • You want a Boom Team sticker? [6:10]
  • Can we sing the Season 4 theme song? [7:00]
  • Investing into warm relationships [8:20]
  • Is fear of rejection stopping you from nurturing warm relationships [9:45]
  • CRM is a must! [11:30]
  • The original voice-to-text [12:10]
  • The story about the Cougar/Puma Agent [12:45]
  • Crazy stat from NAR [14:48]
  • The FPG Client Touch System [15:30]
  • VIP goose events [16:58]
  • Shooting lasers at geese [17:20]
  • Celebrating referrals [18:00]
  • Retention at the brokerage level [19:40]
  • Palindromes [20:21]
  • Todd’s Silly Segment [22:29]
  • The FPG system of retention of agents [26:20]





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