Episode 201 – (Season 4, Episode 11) – Sources for Resources of Courses

Episode 201 (Season 4, Episode 11)

Sources for Resources of Courses

The Boom Team has reached their last full episode of the 4th Season! They spend their time breaking it all down to the “nitty gritty” of what’s needed to be successful as a virtual agent.

We cover technology, sites, and  even philosophies. We also rehash what it was like to do 200 episodes; what Megan immediately regretted saying; and laugh at Producer Christian’s best-timed sounder that had the group in tears!

Finally to wrap it all up in a big “Boom” bow, Todd ends it all with a “Todd’s Silly Segment” for the ages. There’s a ton in this one, so get your #2 pencil ready, along with a separate eraser, and there’ll be plenty to take away!



  • Todd starts the show off with a team cheer [1:16]
  • The team relives the pressure leading up to 200 [3:02]
  • Season 5 is all Dr. Seuss Rhymes [4:19]
  • Referencing the show notes in our show notes [5:43]
  • First items needed: Phone, computer, scanner or scanner app [6:53]
  • Need to have video text options [8:20]
  • A true SEO nightmare! [10:29]
  • Get Slack and Zoom! [11:09]
  • Megan made an oopsie poopsie [12:24]
  • Get you a CRM! [14:02]
  • Get a Transaction Management Software [14:41]
  • Get Quickbooks! [16:08]
  • Quick Tip #1: Stay involved [16:53]
  • Quick Tip #2: Stay educated [17:11]
  • Quick Tip #3: Stay planned [17:52]
  • Quick Tip #4: Stay honest [18:20]
  • Todd’s Silly Segment [19:27]
  • Aren’t you glad you’re not a Zoo Keeper [20:15]
  • The Team is in tears! [22:45]





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