Episode 202 – (Season 4, Episode 12) – Sneak Preview of Other People’s Stories 01

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming of Season 4 of the Boom Real Estate Podcast to bring you a very special “sneak preview” of our new podcast, “Other People’s Stories”.

Just like you may have guessed, we ditch the normally dense real estate content, (said no one, ever!), to feature an episode of our new podcast that features stories from friends, family and whoever else submits a story. Enjoy!


Episode 001 (Season 1, Episode 1)

Shirts & Skins, Butterflies, & Where’s My Guinea Pig?

Our brand new podcast gets off to an ignominious start, as Todd, Megan, Terry, and Christian share Other People’s Stories. As is always the case with anything we do, we also comment, laugh, and make each other sick.

The Big Number One episode has it all—nudity, gross stories, music, slice-of-life—all packed into a fun-filled 27 minutes! How weird will this podcast get? Let’s find out.



  • What this podcast is [0:30]
  • Did we really get an AOL address? [0:45]
  • Who we are [1:55]
  • The first story of the podcast, ever [2:45]
  • Todd and Megan’s safe word [5:15]
  • How the podcast will work [6:00]
  • Todd’s story, “Shirts and Skins” [9:15]
  • Todd’s side story [10:15]
  • “This is our FIRST story.” [12:10]
  • Terry and Megan think Reggie Miller is a beautiful man [14:23]
  • Have you ever been to a nude beach? [16:25]
  • Megan’s story, “Butterflies” [19:02]
  • Terry’s story, “Where’s My Guinea Pig?” [24:22]





Email: OtherPeoplesStories@aol.com

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