Episode 203 – (Season 4, Episode 13) – Sneak Preview of Other People’s Stories 02

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming of Season 4 of the Boom Real Estate Podcast to bring you yet another “sneak preview” of our new podcast, “Other People’s Stories”.

Just like you may have guessed, we ditch the normally dense real estate content, (said no one, ever!), to feature an episode of our new podcast that features stories from friends, family and whoever else submits a story. Enjoy!



Episode 002 (Season 1, Episode 2)

Summer Swim, Pizza Time, & The Bachelor

The fun stories in our second episode include summer fun, a TERRIBLE first date, guilty pleasure fast foods, and an incredible celebrity story.

PLUS, in-between conversations include guilty pleasure fast food, old school full-sized, customized vans, strip-pit swim jumping, and sliding down a water slide bare-bottomed. Enjoy!




  • Todd has a loud snack [0:30]
  • The Nut Lobby Wars [1:30]
  • We are open for sponsors [2:24]
  • Sleep cycles [3:21]
  • Todd’s closest brush with death [4:45]
  • Strip pit jumping [5:50]
  • Todd’s “Scorpion”-ing [7:15]
  • Megan’s story, “Summer Swim” [8:30]
  • Too much joy on the water slide [12:10]
  • Bare-butt water sliding [12:50]
  • Terry’s story, “Pizza Time” [13:45]
  • Stepping into a deep fryer [17:44]
  • Todd hates Long John Silver’s [18:00]
  • Guilty pleasure foods [18:45]
  • Todd’s White Castle story [20:40]
  • Todd’s story, “The Bachelor” [22:32]
  • Old school, full size vans [23:00]







Email: OtherPeoplesStories@aol.com


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