Episode 204 – (Season 4, Episode 14) – Season 4 Wrap!

Episode 204 (Season 4, Episode 14)

Season 4 Wrap!

Well, that’s it. (Thank goodness!) As is becoming tradition for each season wrap-up show, the Boom Team meets outside on Producer Christian’s patio to wrap. Tears were shed. There were laughs. There were questions as to how anyone gave a microphone and platform to this group!

Plus, to just show how versatile they are, Producer Christian, Megan, Terry, and Todd wrap the whole Season 4 with a nice a cappella version of the Season 4 Song. Enjoy!



  • Jack Jack the Podcast dog joins the Team [1:43]
  • Producer Christian’s assessment of Season 4: “Mixed” [3:01]
  • Todd lost his privileges to rock a Silly Segment [5:00]
  • What’s your favorite pox?? [5:47]
  • A quick recap of the importance of being (or having the ability to be) virtual [7:37]
  • Broker owners and team leaders have to provide these virtual opportunities [9:45]
  • Will you go full throttle or just worm around? [12:02]
  • Podcast insider tip: Skip to the wrap up! [12:46]
  • Todd and Megan want to rename their dog [14:38]
  • The Team sings the Season 4 Song a cappella [17:50]





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