Episode 206 (Season 4, Episode 16) – Sneak Preview of Other People’s Stories 04

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming of Season 4 of the Boom Real Estate Podcast to bring you yet another “sneak preview” of our new podcast, “Other People’s Stories”.

Just like you may have guessed, we ditch the normally dense real estate content, (said no one, ever!), to feature an episode of our new podcast that features stories from friends, family and whoever else submits a story. Enjoy!


Episode 206 (Season 4, Episode 16) – Sneak Preview of Other People’s Stories 04

Twinning, Surprise, and A Little Less Vodka

The OPS Team spans a wide variety of fun on this latest episode of Other People’s Stories. Whether it’s hanging with penguins or running from ghosts, this episode asks some very important questions, such as…

  1. What would you do while alone in a zoo?
  2. Is there such thing as a “super ghost”?

These important life questions are covered in-depth by Todd, Terry, Megan, and Producer Christian, so hang on tight and enjoy the ride!



  • Christian may be in an abusive relationship…or may be a bad cook [1:35]
  • Lots to be had with aol.com still! [3:45]
  • Todd’s Powerball strategy is strong! [6:03]
  • The show’s first Tom Hanks reference [7:57]
  • Story #1:  “Twinning” [8:41]
  • Does your ghost form age?? [11:32]
  • Can you be a “super ghost”??! [13:05]
  • What happens if you die on a nude beach? [15:56]
  • Story #2:  “Surprise” [20:41]
  • Our second Tom Hanks reference! [23:23]
  • Why do people still do open caskets? [25:11]
  • Story #3:  “A Little Less Vodka” [27:18]
  • What would you do alone in a zoo? [28:43]
  • “Swim home, Dirk!!!” [30:01]





Email: OtherPeoplesStories@aol.com

Check out this episode!

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