Episode 207 – (Season 4, Episode 17) – Sneak Preview of Other People’s Stories 05

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming of Season 4 of the Boom Real Estate Podcast to bring you yet another “sneak preview” of our new podcast, “Other People’s Stories”.

Just like you may have guessed, we ditch the normally dense real estate content, (said no one, ever!), to feature an episode of our new podcast that features stories from friends, family and whoever else submits a story. Enjoy!


Episode 207 – (Season 4, Episode 17) – Sneak Preview of Other People’s Stories 05

Airplane Food, Kansas Weiners, and Scary Ride

Season 1 comes to a wrap! (Yes we know it was only five episodes, but we are very, very, very, busy people.) We’ve worked harder on this season of “Other People’s Stories” than any other season ever! So we’re ready for well-deserved R&R!

However, before we go, we’d like to share “tried and true” information about how to jump from a moving car, how to eat that same car, and how raise a pet that sounds like something you eat. Then, to round it out and to keep you on the seat of your car…seat until next season, we end it all with a cliffhanger! (It was Megan.)

Thanks for joining us for the not-very-lengthy, but very golendrinaish, (it will make sense after listening), Season1. We hope to see you for Season 2! (Assuming the lazy, good for nothing, “talent” come back and do another season.) Enjoy!



  • We said we’re on YouTube, but we’re not [1:42]
  • The OPS Team does live research about their competition [3:31]
  • Megan’s first job [5:00]
  • Producer Christian hits us with the latest trend:  Mask-fishing [7:35]
  • Todd does a call back to Episode 4 and ghosts [9:23]
  • Story #1:  Airplane Food [10:14]
  • We made it to episode 5 before our first “toot” reference [13:13]
  • Todd’s soccer team eats grass [13:40]
  • Story #1-1/2:  Nobody’s Going to Believe You [14:54]
  • Story #2:  Kansas Weiners [16:04]
  • Terry makes up excuses as to why he hates dogs [18:41]
  • The OPS Team makes a beautiful reunion story into a horror story! [20:51]
  • Story #3:  Scary Ride [21:50]
  • Todd explains how to jump from a moving car [24:23]
  • Megan misunderstood the shows title [25:50]
  • Terry shares his story about jumping from a moving car [26:45]





Email: OtherPeoplesStories@aol.com

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