Episode 208 – (Season 5, Episode 1) – Season 5 Intro!

Episode 208 (Season 5, Episode 1)

Season 5 Intro!

Season 5 is here!!! The Boom Team is back and ready to share all of their fun Summer Break stories, even though there wasn’t a Summer Break. And—based on their initial discussions—that non-existent break was pretty lengthy, since the Team has aged quite a bit!

Join Terry, Producer Christian, Megan, and Todd as they discuss how Season 5 is going to play out. Producer Christian unveils the brand-spanking-new Season 5 Jingle and the Team wastes no time getting right back to delivering a heaping load of fun, sprinkled with tiny little bits of content. Let Season 5 begin!



  • Todd has some sciatic issues [1:14]
  • Megan learned that skinny jeans and the laughing emoji make you old [2:43]
  • Todd has fun facts and Christian may have a jingle [4:46]
  • Christian is naked, Megan is cold, Todd is mean, and Terry has thin blood [6:02]
  • First run of the Season 5 Jingle!!! [6:40]
  • Gary’s Guns and Lard [9:33]
  • Christian has a jingle to help identify when The Boom Team covers actual content [11:04]
  • The Team breaks down the different angles they’ll be coming from in Season 5 [13:30]
  • Megan assigns homework! [16:10]
  • Bus benches? Yeah or neigh? [18:46]





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