Episode 209 (Season 5, Episode 2) Snail Mail Marketing

 Episode 209 (Season 5, Episode 2)

Snail Mail Marketing!

What do dial-up internet, Matthew Perry, and snail mail have in common? They were all relevant in the 90’s. That’s right, snail mail isn’t dead!

Even better…when it’s done right, it becomes a serious force in your marketing plan! In a world of online marketing, sometimes the easiest and cheapest play is best. And that can be Snail Mail!

Join the Boom Team as they discuss ways to dominate your market by using simpler methods:  like Snail Mail! In addition, Terry will unveil the Holy Quadrinity of marketing and Todd will reveal he has no idea how to spell words. Join us as we kick off the first full episode of Season 5!



  • Todd doesn’t know how to spell losenge…lossenge…lozenge [2:12]
  • How you know you’re old [3:29]
  • The first Season 5 “Todd and Megan’s Awkward Moment of the Day” [5:01]
  • Introduction to Snail Mail [7:22]
  • #1 Snail Mail Goal [9:07]
  • Don’t forget that Bing is the Google of the future! [10:47]
  • #2 – Know Your Budget [10:51]
  • Have you considered Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)? [12:01]
  • The Boom Team Cheer Team! [13:58]
  • #3 – Be Consistent [14:33]
  • The Holy Quadrinity [15:55]
  • #4 – Grab Their Attention [16:23]
  • Nothing more exciting than talking paper sizes! [17:03]
  • The Holy Quadrinity re-approached [19:28]
  • Todd’s Fun Fact [20:48]
  • Todd teases for the upcoming fun fact [22:41]
  • #5 – Call to Action [22:56]
  • Terry’s bonus fact! [24:41]





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