Episode 210 – (Season 5, Episode 3) Email Marketing

 Episode 210 (Season 5, Episode 3)

Email Marketing

Neck beards! Is there anything more exciting? (The answer is yes and it’s Email Marketing!)

Join Megan, Terry, Todd, and Producer Christian as they continue on this season’s Marketing Train Ride by chugging into the wildly underused tool called email! One of the easiest ways to brand your business and get your clients pertinent information is via Email.

Join the Boom Team as they give you five tips on how to rock your Email campaigns. They also discuss the value of a thick, rich, luscious neck beard. This oughta be a good one…we hope!



  • Megan has incredible dexterity [1:33]
  • Megan stays young with her knowledge of Kindergarten-aged catchphrases [4:17]
  • E-mail marketing is not dead! [5:01]
  • Christian ruins everything, as usual [6:22]
  • Christian hates Amtrak [9:04]
  • Did Todd book a surprise train trip for Megan? [9:39]
  • #1 – Know your audience [10:52]
  • #2 – Have a Plan [12:34]
  • No one knows what bi-weekly means because it means several things [12:45]
  • #3 – Be original [13:31]
  • Todd’s Fun Fact! [15:51]
  • #4 – Plan your Content! [17:41]
  • Pre-plan your content in batches [19:39]
  • Is Todd going straight neckbeard? [20:44]
  • #5 – Add some Zing! [21:40]
  • “Easier than growing a neckbeard!” [22:55]





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