Episode 212 – (Season 5, Episode 5) Text Marketing

 Episode 212 (Season 5, Episode 5)

Text Marketing

Rarely does the Boom Team fall “off the rails” to this extent. As Terry says at the end of the show, “best episode we’ve ever done!” Todd and Producer Christian didn’t say much after the episode, but both winked at the same time, which was weird. When all’s said and done, you’re going to get your money’s worth out of this one!

The team dives deep into the world of text message marketing and discovers the power that comes from doing it right! Five tips, two new restaurants, two crying sessions, and a single, solitary acoustic guitar…all right here in Episode 5 of Season 5!



  • Christian is able to soothe by lightly light plucking his guitar! [1:04]
  • Come to the Pluck and Soothe Restaurant when you’re hungry and a little bit tight [3:33]
  • The team has completely lost it! [5:11]
  • Christian finds his bleeper and Megan is the victim [5:51]
  • Shout out to Todd’s parents [6:30]
  • HOT TIP:  Use video text messaging [8:58]
  • Tip #1 – Show who you are [10:48]
  • Do you know someone killing it in the .gif world? [12:28]
  • Tip #2 – Keep it simple [14:14]
  • Tip #3 – Find a solid provider [15:40]
  • Todd’s Fun Fact [17:42]
  • Todd taunts the cows [18:47]
  • Mad Cow Disease – “The Sneaky Silent Killer” [19:26]
  • Tip #4 – Have a call to action [19:55]
  • Come to the Pluck and Smooth Restaurant when you’re hungry and need a shave [20:43]
  • The team has completely lost it yet again! [21:04]
  • Tip #5 – Set a schedule [22:25]
  • Christian plays us out with his soothing acoustic guitar [24:30]





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