Episode 213 – (Season 5, Episode 6) – Facebook Marketing

 Episode 213 (Season 5, Episode 6)

Facebook Marketing

Not sure if you’ve heard yet, but there’s a new player in the social media game and its name is Facebook! You’re going to want to get a #2 pencil or an Etch-A-Sketch, because the Boom Team is giving all the tips and tricks you need to dominate the Facebook game!

Along the way, keep your eyes focused since we’re going to need to avoid exploding animals, a two-toned bird, and a rabbit who can’t regurgitate!

To enjoy all of your animal, real estate, and Facebook needs, turn the volume up and enjoy our latest episode of The Boom Real Estate Podcast!



  • Megan never made funny faces in the mirror [1:01]
  • Todd’s mildly-fun fact [1:48]
  • Facebook is the king…maybe…depending on when you’re listening [4:28]
  • Content starting now! [7:31]
  • Tip #1:  What types of posts to be putting on Facebook [7:41]
  • “Value is huge!” [10:23]
  • Use the 4:1 rule on your personal page [12:02]
  • Tip #2:  Create a conversation [13:05]
  • Are you a “bill-bender”? [15:02]
  • Tip #3:  Diversify [15:55]
  • Use Stories, regular posts, videos, polls, etc. [16:20]
  • Todd’s Fun Fact – Rabbits can’t puke! [16:53]
  • HELP! Animals are exploding everywhere! [18:36]
  • Kamikaze Cows would make a great band name [21:02]
  • Tip #4:  Beat the algorithms [21:30]
  • Todd finds himself arguing with himself on Facebook [24:15]
  • Tip to beat the algorithm, Direct Message someone…anyone [24:50]
  • Tip #5:  Run some ads [25:29]
  • Leave out the price, to start conversations [27:07]





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