Episode 214 – (Season 5, Episode 7) – Instagram Marketing

 Episode 214 (Season 5, Episode 7)

Instagram Marketing

If you’re looking for pure beauty, elegance, visual poetry, life through imagery, or instant eye candy, check out Todd’s Instagram page! (If you believe that, then make sure to pledge to Todd’s GoFundMe page.)

However, before you do that, take a good listen to the Boom Team breaking down all the ways you can win on Insta. (We’re using different forms of IG to upset Terry! Take a listen and it will make more sense.)

Even though Insta-G is a visual form of media, Terry, Megan, Todd, and Producer Christian give you all the I-Gram clues, tips, and tricks in this action-packed audio-only version on Episode 7!



  • Todd steals Terry’s thunder and does some introductions [1:11]
  • Terry steals Todd’s thunder and does some stretching [1:34]
  • Todd and Megan’s Awkward Moment of the Day™ [2:56]
  • Do you ever start your day with a primal scream? [4:32]
  • Scientists need to invent a super-charging sleep option! [6:43]
  • The Team tries to figure out how to do our own intro [8:44]
  • Megan breaks down what this whole Instagram thing is [11:09]
  • Terry is an IG snob! [11:56]
  • Tip #1:  Know your audience [13:29]
  • Producer Christian gives additional tips for the young minds out there [15:30]
  • You have to provide your audience value in your posts [17:06]
  • Tip #2:  Make your posts count! [17:32]
  • Consider house trends and before & afters [18:48]
  • Instagram has a lot of dual-purpose pages, so mind your posts [20:31]
  • Tip #3:  Don’t just post! [21:21]
  • Best posts:  Create value and solicit conversation [23:00]
  • Terry’s Insta focus is beauty. Todd’s is primal screams. [25:43]
  • Todd’s Fun/Interesting Fact:  Your nostrils only work one at a time [27:27]
  • Tip #4:  Lean into it! [29:46]
  • 10/10/10 Rule:  10 minutes on IG, 10 comments in your feed, and 10 comments in stories [32:03]
  • Tip #5:  Utilize every form of posting on Instagram [34:08]





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