Episode 216 – (Season 5, Episode 9) – YouTube Marketing

 Episode 216 (Season 5, Episode 9)

YouTube Marketing

Rebounding from the horror that was the last episode, the Boom Team looks to “make good” by bringing better content with a deep dive into YouTube marketing.

In this episode, the Team give you five tips on the best way to pull off a successful YouTube channel. Unfortunately, our good intentions quickly go awry as we veer off down Memory Lane.

We end up reminiscing about 25-foot curly phone cords and Call Waiting. To top it off, we even find time to share our wealth of knowledge about cherries and pickles. Enjoy this episode on YouTube -and- culinary delights as Todd, Producer Christian, Terry, and Megan give you what you need to become the Next Big YouTuber!



  • Reminiscing about the central phone in homes and Call Waiting [1:38]
  • Have you ever fallen asleep on the phone with your loved one? [3:22]
  • Terry runs down the fashion choices of Boom [5:43]
  • Todd learned French in Spanish [7:46]
  • Fun Fact:  The iPhone was invented in 2006 and released on 2007 [8:55]
  • Funner Fact:  YouTube is owned by Google [11:03]
  • The size of the Google and YouTube users is staggering! [12:44]
  • Tip #1 – Treat your YouTube page like one of your primary websites [14:59]
  • Tip #2 – Have a long term goal/strategy [16:12]
  • How do you spell “piggyback”? [18:02]
  • Megan confirms that Slash is still alive [19:19]
  • Tip #3 – Be consistent [20:02]
  • Goal:  Get them going down the rabbit hole [22:22]
  • Todd’s Fun Fact:  It’s illegal to sell “bounceless pickles” in Connecticut [23:16]
  • Tip #4 – Some ideas on what to post [25:03]
  • George Washington cut down Abe Lincoln’s cherry tree [26:40]
  • Put together a playlist of your most viewed videos [28:20]
  • Todd has done his first solo-flight! [30:48]
  • Tip #5 – Use the YouTube “cards” and “annotations” options to make your channel super-sticky! [32:15]





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