Episode 219 – (Season 5, Episode 12) – Season 5 Wrap

 Episode 219 (Season 5, Episode 12)

Season 5 Wrap

The Boom Team has counselors on standby, tissues being drone-delivered, and tubs of ice cream coming via Shipt. As we’ve learned from past Season-Ending Episodes, our listeners are feeling both heartbroken and saddened as Season 5 comes to its inevitable conclusion in Producer Christian’s backyard. As usual, Jack the Dog serves as special guest.

In this wrap show, we review the season, episode-by-episode, share some additional fun facts, and prove why Producer Christian should be the only one allowed to attempt any type of musical performance.

It’s been fun, but all good things must come to an end…BUT THEN MIRACULOUSLY RETURN FOR THE NEXT SEASON!

From Terry, Producer Christian, Megan, Todd and Jack the Dog, enjoy your off-season and we’ll see you on Season 6!



  • The real Season 5 jingle! [1:58]
  • Jack the Dog joins the show [2:47]
  • Megan sums up Season 5 [4:44]
  • Todd recaps Season 5’s episodes [5:36]
  • The team dreams back to the days of podcasting about LinkedIn [8:14]
  • Another shout out to our favorite CRM [9:28]
  • The Team takes a crack at recreating the Season 5 jingle, a cappella style. It’s ugly. [10:38]
  • Todd shares his spare funnest fun facts [11:01]
  • How do you pronounce Dr. Seuss? [13:06]
  • Terry throws down a challenge for our listener! [16:22]
  • The Team recreates the Season 5 jingle, a cappella style…for real this time! [18:30]





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