Episode 220 – (Season 6, Episode 1) – Season 6 Intro!

Episode 220 (Season 6, Episode 1)

Season 6 Intro!

YOWZER! They’re back and more okay than ever! The Boom Tea is here for Season 6 and are ready to do some serious reminiscing!

Get ready for a new season packed with knowledge and awful anecdotes as Terry, Megan, Todd, and Producer Christian share their 109 combined years of real estate experience to determine the most important aspects of real estate.

In addition, we’ll take you up with Dad jokes and back down again with death stories. (What a strange turn of events this season brings.) So grab your M&Ms and Zima because you’re in for the greatest Season 6 the Boom Podcast has ever done!



  • How about a round of applause for Producer Christian’s new intro? [1:33]
  • Terry does an okay Jeff Probst, but shall now be called “Blink” Waggoner [3:01]
  • Where we’re going in Season 6 [4:44]
  • Producer Christian’s Season 6 jingle! [6:02]
  • Trip down memory lane with our Season 3 jingle [7:39]
  • Todd gives hints as to what will be covered this year [9:50]
  • Todd sheds the first tears of Season 6 along with “Wink” Waggoner [12:02]
  • Terry and Todd’s greatest regret [14:03]
  • Todd comes right out the gate with a Fun Fact that isn’t Fun [15:13]
  • Dad Joke #1 [17:38]
  • Todd’s Death Story [18:23]
  • Producer Christian finds the bright side of death [18:57]





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