Episode 222 (Season 6, Episode 3) – Tech and Tools

 Episode 222 (Season 6, Episode 3)

Tech and Tools

The Team gets all “techie” in this episode of the Boom Real Estate Podcast! Sit back and relax in your ergonomic office chair as Terry, Producer Christian, Megan, and Todd fill your ears with all the tech and tools that you’ll need, (outside of that office chair), to build and maintain a successful real estate career!

From things above you to things in front of you. All the way to things below you. The Boom Team uses their combined years of experience to help you skip ahead to find the right things to have around you.

So enjoy the show! (As soon as you’re done enjoying the show that you’re currently watching on Peacock!)



  • Is Mrs. Doubtfire Scottish or Irish [2:23]
  • Megan believes that the Season 6 jingle sounds like Jumanji [4:37]
  • Producer Christian keeps skipping the production meetings [6:51]
  • Is White Bean Chili really chili? [7:23]
  • Wendy Forsythe makes a great White Chili [9:02]
  • Todd introduces today’s content [11:25]
  • Most important tool for your real estate business:  a facsimile machine! [12:20]
  • Tip #1:  The Cloud [12:51]
  • Everybody and nobody knows what “the cloud” is [14:10]
  • Todd’s “Dad Joke and Death” segment [16:19]
  • Atomic wedgies are no laughing matter [17:48]
  • Tip #2:  The CRM [19:00]
  • The Boom Bunker was mistakenly buried and led directly to Boom CRM’s failure [21:31]
  • Tip #3:  Invest in the Essentials [22:30]
  • You’re allowed to max out your credit card on a phone, computer, or car [24:29]
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate! [25:25]
  • Christian’s Tech Tip [26:49]





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