Episode 224 (Season 6, Episode 5) – Working with Sellers

 Episode 224 (Season 6, Episode 5)

Working with Sellers

Todd may be the only one that truly enjoys working with sellers, but don’t let that stop you from giving it a go. If you really want to be good with sellers—which you should—go get a Costco-sized box of #2 pencils. You’ll want to take copious notes today, then be ready to show every buyer’s agent the good life of selling with sellers.

Oh, and we talk about 90’s boy bands, so there’s that. All here on the latest version of the Boom Real Estate Podcast! (Which will probably be owned by Marky Mark by the time you read this.)



  • Todd just can’t wait for the Intro to end [2:14]
  • Christian hits the team with some 98 Degree trivia [4:24]
  • “Marky Mark” Walberg now owns the Boom Podcast [6:50]
  • Todd sets the table on what this episode is all about [8:10]
  • Christian rocks the wrong, yet so right, sounder [8:55]
  • Better quality content [10:30]
  • Tip #1:  Fill the Void [12:45]
  • Set reminders for regular check-ins with your sellers [14:15]
  • Todd’s “Dad Joke and Death” [16:02]
  • The greatest defense strategy ever! [18:40]
  • Terry reveals just how much he loves rainbows [20:12]
  • Tip #2:  Milk your listings for leads [20:35]
  • Focus your marketing on getting listings! [22:30]
  • Don’t trip over dimes to pick up pennies [24:20]
  • Tip #3:  Fight to Win [26:12]
  • Tip #3 1/2:  Go last [28:24]
  • Producer Christian:  Cut the amount of time you’re talking about yourself in half and double the amount of time you talk about them [31:13]
  • Don’t automatically cut your commission [32:46]
  • The first one that talks loses the money [34:05]





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