Episode 225 (Season 6, Episode 6) – Working with Buyers

 Episode 225 (Season 6, Episode 6)

Working with Buyers

Truth be told, working buyers can be a lot more fun than working with sellers. So why not spend our time talking about things like Woodstock, robots working in mines, and long beards?  The super truth be told, even though working with buyers can be more fun, it still remains an art form.

So, the super-duper truth be told, listen closely and pick up some tips and tricks on working with buyers.

And supery-dupery truth be told, when you’re all done listening, hit us up to share your favorite concert or bucket list concert on your personal list. Oh, and supery-dupery-dupery truth be told, neither answer should be “Hanson” or we’ll disown you!



  • The Team gets their hippie on [2:07]
  • Where were you when Woodstock ’99 hit? [4:11]
  • Best or bucket list concerts [6:16]
  • Terry proves he has the cleanest mind on the Team [8:43]
  • Todd hates buyers [9:55]
  • Megan thinks she has a big forehead [11:21]
  • Tip #1:  Have systems [12:21]
  • The train guy is back! [14:05]
  • Tip #2:  Do a Buyer Consultation [15:03]
  • Communication is ABSOLUTELY key! [17:29]
  • Todd’s Dad Joke and Death [18:04]
  • Do you have a beard bag? Maybe you should get one [20:08]
  • Current record for longest beard is 17 feet! [21:51]
  • Tip #3:  Make sure you care! [24:24]





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