Episode 226 (Season 6, Episode 7) – Negotiating

 Episode 226 (Season 6, Episode 7)


There’s definitely an art to negotiation, but at least it’s not complicated. (Kind of like what Todd would produce if he was stuck in an art studio for three hours!) In order to become a better agent, it’s essential to understand the basics of negotiation.

In this episode, we’ll give you three secrets that help you, your clients and other agents. Also, Todd shares what it takes to make it into the Show Intro. For sure, you’ll want to find a Sharpie to jot some notes on the walls!



  • So many strange noises [2:01]
  • There’s so much money to be made in podcasting! [2:57]
  • Could the bots take over for us? [3:51]
  • Tune into the Bang Real Estate Podcast [6:51]
  • Todd’s Mom is great at that whole “reusing” thing [8:41]
  • Great use of bubbles! [11:24]
  • “Catch more flies with llama!” – Terry [12:08]
  • Tip #1 – Control of your emotions [13:43]
  • Use face-to-face interactions instead of texting at critical points in a transaction [15:00]
  • Todd’s Dad Joke and Death [17:17]
  • How Jack Daniels died [19:38]
  • Tip #2 – Work WITH the agent FOR your client [20:31]
  • Make sure compliments are genuine [22:04]
  • Your attitude can win or lose deals! [24:39]
  • Tip #3 – Don’t overthink it [26:18]
  • Pick up the phone so you don’t have to overthink it [27:53]





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