Episode 227 (Season 6, Episode 8) – Inspections

Episode 227 (Season 6, Episode 8)


Is there anything more enjoyable during a real estate transaction than the inspection? No! No! No! Inspections are the worst!

However, if you choose to listen to a podcast about the worst part of a real estate podcast, The Boom Team promises to do their best to make the inspection process as enjoyable as we can make it. 

You won’t find mold, failed thermal seals, radon mitigation, or non-working GFCI outlets here. But you will find tips on how best to handle your clients and their crazy dreams. Go ahead and splurge on some expensive chocolate while enjoying hearing about inspections for once!



  • Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? [2:35]
  • Christian is a chocolate snob [4:27]
  • Megan defends Christian while attacking Terry [6:58]
  • Terry recalls our most bleep-filled episode. (Yes, it was about inspections) [9:41]
  • Tip #1 – Be knowledgable [11:18]
  • Go to your inspections until you’re experienced enough [12:19]
  • It’s all about setting expectations [14:21]
  • Tip #2 – Be calm [17:03]
  • Use video for next level service [18:40]
  • Todd’s Dad Joke and Death [20:10]
  • Is it appropriate to laugh at extra chins? [22:05]
  • Todd believes he can jump while falling, thus negating the fall [23:36]
  • How do you dream? [25:03]
  • Tip #3 – Be creative [26:20]
  • Megan had clients who asked for a cat [27:24]





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