Episode 231 (Season 6, Episode 12) – Mental Space

 Episode 231 (Season 6, Episode 12)

Mental Space

It’s the last full episode of Season 6, which means that the Team has fully carbo-loaded in anticipation of this momentous event and is ready to bring their A-game! 

Now that we’re in top physical shape, we’ll explore everything we’ve learned about the necessary mental game needed to excel in the world of real estate.

You’ll hear three tips on how to achieve mental real estate enlightenment. After hearing this episode, you’ll be at your best in every facet of the realtor game!



  • Todd is not the stretchiest [2:14]
  • Terry’s available for a pod-marriage [4:23]
  • The team is getting ready for their annual a cappella Season Intro song [5:41]
  • Megan intros our last episode [7:51]
  • The most striking stat for a Boom podcast is shared by Terry [9:59]
  • Tip #1 – Surround yourself with Good… [11:01]
  • Surround yourself with good content! [13:13]
  • Todd reveals how he dives deep into books [14:48]
  • Stop listening to podcasts! [17:34]
  • Tip #2 – Have a routine [18:02]
  • Don’t be afraid to edit your routine [19:30]
  • Todd’s Dad Joke [21:41]
  • Poutine may be the healthiest food out there! [22:22]
  • How is it that Yoda can be such a great fighter? [25:03]
  • Todd’s Death Story [25:44]
  • The greatest timed sounder in podcast history! [26:34]
  • Tip #3 – Fill your own cup [27:30]
  • What’s your hobby? [29:54]
  • Terry shares a fun story [31:40]
  • Is there a Blinkist for Masterclass? [34:10]





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