Episode 232 (Season 6, Episode 13) – Season 6 Outro

Episode 232 (Season 6, Episode 13)

Season 6 Outro

What a season! We’ve experienced highs & lows, tears & blood, and so, so, so much talk!

Todd, Megan, Terry, and Producer Christian have gone back into their memory banks to find and share all the tidbits that they’ve learned through the years. From some specific ways to gather business, all the way to staying mentally strong. We’ve covered it all in the latest season of the Boom Real Estate Podcast!

Thanks for joining us on the Journey of Season 6 and we’ll see you next season!



  • The Team is indifferent on this Season [2:49]
  • Jack Jack the Podcast Dog makes his first appearance this season [3:51]
  • What was the most important nugget shared this season… [5:19]
  • Megan recaps this season’s episodes [7:17]
  • The Team attempts an a cappella version of our favorite sounder from the season [9:00]
  • Christian’s favorite moment was an entire episode:  “Tech and Tools” [10:59]
  • Abundance vs. Scarcity mindset [12:11]
  • Megan’s favorite moment:  Systems and Help [13:33]
  • Todd’s Dad Joke [14:49]
  • Todd’s Death Story [15:47]
  • The Team attempts the Season 6 Jingle in a cappella style [17:40]





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