Episode 233 – (Season 7, Episode 1) – Season 7 Intro!

 Episode 233 (Season 7, Episode 1)

Season 7 Intro!

We heard your cries and we won’t let you down! The Boom Team is BACK and filling that void in your life with another season of The Boom Real Estate Podcast!

In fact, not only are we going to fill that void, but we’re going to stuff it with cheery sunshine, as we focus on “How to be Happy in Real Estate!”

Sure, drugs were our first thought, but we quickly dismissed that in our opening episode and start to focus on more important things—like fun jingles and made-up wordz!

If this episode is any indicator as to how Season 7 will go, then it’s clear that you’re in for another season of a podcast. Enjoy!



  • Todd predicts future drug addictions for members of the Boom Team [1:55]
  • Terry predicts that Megan will win a Poddie for Comeback of the Year! [3:29]
  • The Team gives Megan full authority to spiral out of control as she chooses [5:32]
  • Producer Christian introduces the new Season 7 Intro jingle [6:39]
  • Todd introduces the arc of the season:  “How to be Happy in Real Estate” [9:13]
  • Megan introduces our Season 7 special guest, Katie Clancy! [11:44]
  • New word for Webster’s dictionary, “darsh”. [13:30]
  • Christian introduces our latest game/jingle, “Ask Terry” [15:48]
  • Todd’s Silly Segment [17:10]
  • First time for the official use of new “Ask Terry” jingle [20:02]
  • A very poppy disclaimer [22:34]





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