Episode 234 – (Season 7, Episode 2) – Amazing Business, Amazing Life

 Episode 234 (Season 7, Episode 2)

Amazing Business, Amazing Life

If you’d like to build an Amazing Business, so that you can have an Amazing Life, then this is the podcast for you! We truly believe that you can have it all, BUT you have to make some specific decisions with your business and life in order to make it work.

Those decisions, (and our dating life), are all discussed in great detail during our Kickoff First Full Episode of Season 7.

Enjoy! And remember to send us the details on how many people you’ve dated in your life automatically to be entered to win a free, at-home drug test!



  • The Boom Team rates their flexibility [0:54]
  • Megan tells her first lie of the season [2:55]
  • Build an Amazing Business, so you can live an Amazing Life! [4:37]
  • What do you need and what are you building? [5:41]
  • The Team has mastered transitions [7:03]
  • Random drug testing is fully embraced in our Podcast studio [8:39]
  • Strive to thrive [10:18]
  • We’re looking for balance in our work and life [11:39]
  • Todd’s favorite fable [13:40]
  • It’s The Boom Dating Game! [14:35]
  • Diving into Producer Christian’s dating life [16:02]
  • Producer Christian messes up the sounder [17:55]
  • What would be the first thing Megan would buy if she won the lottery? [18:29]
  • Producer Christian hits the correct sounder [20:58]
  • Terry is the big loser of this week’s game [22:04]
  • Build a business that you actually enjoy working at [22:28]
  • Producer Christian messes up another sounder [22:32]
  • Learn to delegate and hire things out [24:40]





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