Episode 235 – (Season 7, Episode 3) – Fill Your Cup

 Episode 235 (Season 7, Episode 3)

Fill Your Cup

Get ready—this episode is a three-tear one! Yes, that’s not a typo. The Boom Team gets together to elaborate on how to find joy in real estate, and fall apart into tears on three separate occasions!

Thankfully, those tears were all humor-induced and the Team is holding strong. Although, they would appreciate a “GoFundMe” drive to help raise funds for the elaborate vacations they’re all hoping to take. 

In short, get ready to learn how to find joy and fill your cup, along with best practices for an emergency plane landing. We also hear Producer Christian’s new jingle and get an introduction to Little Timmy! Fasten your seatbelt, sit back, and enjoy the flight!



  • Todd’s suffering from a “groinal” strain. Not sure what that is. [1:24]
  • “20 Truths and 10 Lies” coming soon! [2:53]
  • “Ask Terry” what are pressures for an online producer? [4:07]
  • Megan sets the stage with tapestries [6:40]
  • Todd’s a believer in multiple oxygen masks in case of emergency [8:36]
  • The Team debunks the myths around loss of cabin pressure [9:42]
  • First way to fill your cup:  Spend time with your family and friends [11:31]
  • Second way to fill your cup:  Hobbies [13:39]
  • Third way to fill your cup:  Travel [15:09]
  • Producer Christian presents the all new—and perhaps the greatest—jingle yet! [19:18]
  • The Boom Dating Game:  Who is the best cook? [20:03]
  • Christian struggles to understand a basic question, as usual [23:43]
  • Fourth way to fill your cup:  Journal [25:21]
  • Fifth way to fill your cup:  Take some time off [27:22]
  • Little Timmy is a real snooze fest! [28:13]





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