Episode 237 – (Season 7, Episode 5) – Practical Happiness with Katie Clancy

 Episode 237 (Season 7, Episode 5)

Practical Happiness with Katie Clancy

When you’re talking about happiness—especially happiness in real estate—there is only one person to talk to. Meet THE Katie Clancy!

Katie is a world class realtor out of Cape Cod and what she found as her natural calling is to practice happiness. We invite you to spend time hanging out with one of The Teams’ bestie of besties to learn valuable happiness trade secrets. (Okay, they’re not that secret since she has a book about them.)

Joking aside, Katie is awesome and we hope you enjoy hearing from her as much as we enjoyed talking to her. Now…back to jokes. Why do melons have weddings? They cantaloupe!



  • Katie rudely interrupts the intro to the podcast [1:43]
  • Let’s welcome the Happiest Person in Real Estate! [2:51]
  • How did Katie become the happiest person in real estate? [5:58]
  • What do other people really need? [8:37]
  • The difference between macro-happiness and micro-happiness [10:22]
  • Katie shares that happiness is a choice [12:30]
  • Katie’s affirmation exercises [15:24]
  • Katie’s tools for both success and achieving happiness [17:56]
  • You need help! [20:07]
  • How Katie avoids burnout [21:35]
  • “Be conscious of the people you are with.” [23:04]
  • “Surround yourself with other professionals in your industry who you love and who love you.” [25:51]
  • Read the room, then determine what you have to offer [28:14]
  • Where to find Katie [31:01]





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