Episode 238 – (Season 7, Episode 6) – Meditation

Episode 238 (Season 7, Episode 6)


Slowly breathe in. Slowly breathe out. Slowly breathe in. Slowly breathe out. Now listen to the voices in your head. Do those voices sound like those of the Boom Team? That’s when you know you’re meditating right!

Okay, that might not be exactly correct, but just go with us and listen to today’s podcast to learn what is right about meditation. We also cover how you can implement your own version of it to help your real estate practice.

We promise those pesky voices of the Boom Team will soon be replaced with a better sounding, better looking version of you—which will then better both your life and business!



  • Terry’s always left out of the dances…for good reason [1:43]
  • Why “Ask Jeeves” when you can “Ask Terry”? [4:10]
  • The Boom Team’s Legal Team is putting in extra work [6:24]
  • Terry starts our first guided meditation [8:18]
  • First misconception:  Meditation is only for spiritual or religious reasons [9:47]
  • Second misconception:  Your mind will be completely blank during meditation [10:39]
  • Benefits of meditation [12:46]
  • It’s good for both kids and your brain to be bored [15:20]
  • Terry drops a meditation analogy involving snow globes [17:10]
  • How to get started with meditation [19:01]
  • The Boom Dating Game [21:34]
  • Today’s Dating Game question:  Who would have the highest score on Jeopardy [23:16]
  • Conundrum:  Christian knows things, but Terry remembers things [24:21]
  • The Team reminisces about Jeopardy and the movie “White Men Can’t Jump” [26:56]
  • Todd walks Christian through his shower mediation, making things awkward [28:53]
  • A surprisingly great place to meditate:  the Dairy Queen parking lot [31:15]
  • Megan shares some insight into how to build a meditation habit [35:17]





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