Episode 239 – (Season 7, Episode 7) – Affirmations

Episode 239 (Season 7, Episode 7)


I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. I’m strong enough. I’m sexy enough. I’m physically symmetrical enough. And gosh darn it, I love listening to the Boom Real Estate Podcast!

It’s Affirmation Time and the Boom Team has affirmed that they are affirmatively ready to help you realize what you should affirm. Join Todd, Megan, Producer Christian, and Terry as they dive deep into affirmations.

Shenanigans abound along the way, like Terry’s fixations, Megan’s sweets, Todd’s scientology (that may not be the right term), and Producer Christian’s workout face. All of it is here and ready for your ear-holes in Episode 239 of the Boom Real Estate Podcast!



  • Producer Christian kicks it off with some sandbag kettlebell swings [1:26]
  • An unusually early venture into a “Todd and Megan’s Awkward Moment of the Day” [2:27]
  • Why affirmations work [5:43]
  • The Team is now giving away Producer Christian’s shirts [7:15]
  • Focus on positive affirmations, as they can be just as easy to adopt as negative ones [9:38]
  • Todd doubles down on just how scientifically scientistic he is [11:50]
  • What do you say to yourself when doing affirmations? [12:41]
  • Create those Pavlovian responses for your brain [14:36]
  • Todd cheats at the simplest of simple games [16:30]
  • The Boom Dating Game! [17:10]
  • Did you know Producer Christian eats Prescription-Grade cereal? [18:08]
  • Terry:  I have more ______ than anyone else [20:39]
  • The Team goes through all of Terry’s fixations [22:12]
  • Megan goes through all of her sweet fixations [24:43]
  • Todd just created the greatest Easter gift ever! Don’t steal it! [26:21]
  • Todd goes through some actual affirmation practice [29:40]
  • Megan explains how to get started with affirmations [32:22]





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