Episode 241 – (Season 7, Episode 9) – Working Out

Episode 241 (Season 7, Episode 9)

Working Out

All the studies show that listening to the Boom Real Estate Podcast has the same physical benefits of a 30-minute circuit training session with THE premiere personal trainer. However, since the podcast only comes out once a week, we’ll need to fill the other six days a week with actual physical workouts. Whether or not you choose to workout with a personal trainer is up to you.

Join the Boom Team as they work up a sweat talking through all the benefits, dynamics, and how-tos of a solid workout. Sure, we’ll take a couple of rest breaks for Producer Christian’s winnings, Terry’s hate issues, Megan’s grace, and Todd’s first mini-stroke, but the rest of the show is pretty intense. If you have a heart condition, please proceed with caution. If you have a heart monitor, strap it on!



  • Partner kettle bell tosses with Todd and Producer Christian [1:07]
  • Producer Christian earns a free trip to Orlando! [2:29]
  • Terry shares how much he hates this podcast season [4:33]
  • The benefits of working out [7:01]
  • For some reason, we promote the ShakeWeight and ThighMaster [9:50]
  • How to get started with working out [11:32]
  • Terry snacks during workouts [12:25]
  • Mix up your workouts [14:51]
  • Remember to take rest days [16:03]
  • Give yourself grace [17:27]
  • Get an accountability partner [18:15]
  • A personal trainer is cheaper than a hospital [20:20]
  • The Boom Dating Game [22:14]
  • Todd suffers his first mini-stroke [23:16]
  • Todd chooses sports over family, every time [25:54]
  • Megan’s workout challenge! [27:07]





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